Opus Magnum is starting another venture with a local singer who is looking to record a couple songs. We are working on figuring out the production for the tracks so that the sound fits her style. This project is going to be really exciting because of the production aspect, and we can’t wait to fuse our in-house production style with the sound of our new clients’.

Drop us a line if you have any production ideas you want some input on or need something different in your sound.



During our usual friday evening freestyle session, this guy kept getting calls from a dude who was intrigued by the beats he was hearing in the background. He insisted that he spit a couple bars over the phone and we try and record it. It didn’t really work out that well… We told him to come by the studio instead: the doors are always open during freestyle sessions for artists to come spit some bars. Unfortunately he didn’t have access to transportation at the moment and wouldn’t be able to make it. However that didn’t stop this dude from calling back and wanting to spit more bars.

Eventually he finally showed up to the studio and laid down his first ever recorded bars. He said he has rapped for years but never recorded or thought about writing things down just likes to freestyle. I told him he should think about coming back and polishing a few bars. He definitely had some interesting delivery I want to hear more of.

You never know whats gonna happen during freestylefridays.

We finished up the projects with Abbe3K and you can hear a little snippet from one of the tracks in the video below.

Check back for where you can check out the full track when it drops!

(g)listen 2


The (G)Listen EP is live and available on all platforms!!

This EP takes a more club focused approach on the production and the lyrics feature a range of different styles. The idea came from making a statement to answer the question, who is Siggy Jackson

Shout out to Johnny and Dj Jim for help on the records!

Go find it on your streaming source!


This weekend we spent a lot of time putting finishing touches on the upcoming Siggy Jackson EP. Some technical difficulties and scheduling delays have pushed back the project, however we now have an end in sight.

We are really excited for you all to hear this!

Prior to the EP we are releasing a freestyle mixtape featuring Siggy Jackson and Johnny. Release date is set for November 30th for the mixtape.