Taking a nice week off to vote and visit some family! Can’t wait to be back in the studio next week working on more projects!

Drop us a line if you have any projects in the works or ideas you want to realize! We are always looking to help artists and creatives.

Hey yall!

Just wanted to pop in and share some pictures from what we have been up to this week in the studio.

Contact us if you are interested in starting your next musical project!

Everyone have a great weekend!

Man 2020 is really just testing us ain’t it? Been a trying spring for everyone and it just seems to keep piling on.

We hope everyone is staying safe out there and keeping up the good fight against racism, bigotry and hate.

We have started getting back to normal in the studio and are going to start recording some new material with a few new artists. More news about these specific projects will come in the next few days. We also have some news on upcoming releases coming out soon! So stay tuned!

It has been a long week. This news cycle is really frantic. We hope everyone is staying safe and following the guidelines of their respective governments.

We are hard at work on a project with a local rapper. This last week we put the finishing touches on the beat composition and started laying down verses over the weekend. It’s a very unique song and we are excited to be a part of this project.

Siggy Jackson will be releasing another single on the 3rd of April. Make sure you follow him on your streaming platform to stay updated on the latest drops.

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the latest. We have a SoundCloud up and running now where people can listen to music we have been a part of.

Wash your hands! 😂

We christened the new studio space with our first cypher evening this weekend. We will be posting videos and snippets from freestyles and cyphers starting this next week so stay tuned for a lot of fun content.

Our Cyphers are open and welcome to all who enjoy rapping and hiphop so if you want to stop by next time don’t hesitate to hit us up.

Thanks to all who showed up and participated!

2019 has been a busy year where things really took off. We spent the spring working with several local talents from Örebro. We also recorded a couple demo songs for punk-metal band Sister.

Over the summer we were hard at work producing and mixing TommyBravo’s debut EP Kontrast (YouTube/Spotify). All instrumentals were produced in-house.

At the end of the summer we were blessed to be invited to the Live At Heart festival that takes place all across Örebro. This was a great chance for us to network and build our brand and name as well as meet amazing artists from all over the globe.

During the festival we linked up with Shah and Waves That Stray and produced a track that will be released in early 2020 (stay tuned for more info). Both fantastic dudes with tons of talent and this track really brings out their individual styles.

We also connected with an Örebro-based band The Kollektive during Live At Heart. The last few weeks of 2019 we spent in the studio recording their upcoming EP. You can check out their music HERE and a freshly released single HERE.

Opus Magnum also recorded voice-overs for Millistream‘s market analyzer tool Trader which was released on swedish markets in late 2019. We were really excited to be a part of this project as it was a new challenge for us and opened up new doors for the future.

In late October we moved to a new location where we now have more space and a more private location with fewer distractions. This new location has been something we have been planning for a while but finally found the right space for the move. We are really happy with the outcome and vibe we managed to capture in the new studio.


Come and stop by during 2020 and say hey!

Happy New Years from Alex and Andreas at Opus Magnum Studios!