Over the last few years working with local artist and producing music for people who are going through their first releases, we noticed something. We believe there is some expertise we can share with our artists that we work with on a closer lever. Because of this we have decided to start a record label.

wait, what..?

Opus Magnum Music will be our management and music curation side of the business. Through this arm we can help local artists and clients we work with to reach a wider audience. Our Opus Magnum Music artists will be able to focus on the creative process and leave the administration to us.

This is an exciting step we are taking! We are truly stoked for the road ahead with this side of the business.

Over the years we kept thinking how could we bring our knowledge that we have attained from our collective years in the industry. We wanted to turn it into a helpful tool for the artists we work closely with. Create something that allows the artist to create as freely as they wish while still having access to all the tools necessary to grow their fanbase and reach the widest audience possible. To add to this, have started collaborations with some other local businesses to help with certain aspects of the PR and outreach for the artists.

Artists First type of Record Label

Opus Magnum Logo
Opus Magnum Logo

Since we are creators ourselves we believe in full ownership of rights. Therefore we will ensure that our artists always own their music 100% and don’t sign over ownership of their music. This has been a very important part of our calculations throughout this process.

If you know an unsigned artist that needs assistance or guidance give them our information. Or have them contact us here! We will gladly assess if we are the right fit to help them grow and take the next step in their career.

Also…check out our new curated playlist with music created at Opus Magnum here!

News From the Studio

It has been a busy winter and start of spring here at the studio. We are working with some more new local artists who are making their debut releases. It’s really fun to be able to be a part of their introduction to releasing music. A pair of young singers are going to be dropping their first single here shortly. We will make sure to share all the details here and on our social media. Their mellow and unplugged vibe really captures the listener. Don’t miss it!

We had another successful Freestyle Night this last Saturday where some new people showed up and caught a vibe in the studio and vocal booth. If you are interested in dropping by during one of these sessions just drop us a line and we will give you all the details.

We have been a part of two submissions to the national radio competition P4 Nästa. This has been super exciting and we hope for the best for both the artists.

New Releases

Ayman and TommyBravo recently released a new track as well. Spegelbild is produced by Siggy Jackson and has been a long time in the works. They are all super excited to finally share it with the world. This track has an old school feel to the production. The deep lyrics that reflect on our self-destructive and self-doubting tendencies. The track started several years with just the verse from TommyBravo but evolved into what it is today after Ayman heard the project and added his spice to it. Make sure to check it out!

We are trying to grow our presence on social media and hope everyone who wants to follow our process also follows our instagram.

We have a bunch of new music in store for you coming from the studio this year and can’t wait to share it with y’all.

It has been one hell of a year.

We released our first video project this year with a studio video featuring Örebro’s own Mona Brew. We are pumped with the result and can’t wait to expand on this format more over the coming years.

This year Siggy and Ayman really hit a stride and had a total of 9 releases together. It has been such a high energy atmosphere surrounding their sessions and projects. We can’t wait to see what more is in store for them.

TommyBravo hit the map again this year with a few new drops as well as the long awaited Stockholm Syndrome. This track has been years in the making and we want to thank Shah, Elizabeth and their team as well as Waves That Stray for making this project happen.

Furthermore we have expanded our artist development segment and are now actively pursuing talent to help develop their skills and grow their creativity. We are now working with a couple talented singers who are looking to improve their vocal chops and get more comfortable in a studio environment.

The studio itself went through a facelift this year. We pulled the trigger on building the vocal booth and decided on some choice upgrades to improve the environment, workflow and of course the sound.

Fresh single from the upcoming EP: FESTEN ÄR INTE ÖVER ÄN drops midnight tonight.

“TRÄNGD is a deep dive into the the emotions and forces that push me into a corner”, says Ayman. “It is a reflection of my life this past year. Thanks to my close friends, Siggy Jackson and Opus Magnum, I feel ready to open up about my more emotional side, and that’s what this EP is all about. Laying it all out there with all my imperfections and feelings on display.”

The track is produced by Siggy Jackson and has been mixed and mastered here at Opus Magnum Studio.

Check it out here

Visuals coming…

Johan Bylin

We have started the year off great! Plenty of projects going on and the Cypher Evenings are going strong.

We had a session with Johan Byline today where we recorded guitars and vocals for an upcoming track. Make sure you check out his latest release


We also had a session with Tommy Bravo and Ayman working on an upcoming release featuring both of them.

Hit us up and let’s get started on your next project!

Taking a nice week off to vote and visit some family! Can’t wait to be back in the studio next week working on more projects!

Drop us a line if you have any projects in the works or ideas you want to realize! We are always looking to help artists and creatives.

Hey yall!

Just wanted to pop in and share some pictures from what we have been up to this week in the studio.

Contact us if you are interested in starting your next musical project!

Everyone have a great weekend!

Man 2020 is really just testing us ain’t it? Been a trying spring for everyone and it just seems to keep piling on.

We hope everyone is staying safe out there and keeping up the good fight against racism, bigotry and hate.

We have started getting back to normal in the studio and are going to start recording some new material with a few new artists. More news about these specific projects will come in the next few days. We also have some news on upcoming releases coming out soon! So stay tuned!