Another year, another chapter…

It has been one hell of a year.

We released our first video project this year with a studio video featuring Örebro’s own Mona Brew. We are pumped with the result and can’t wait to expand on this format more over the coming years.

This year Siggy and Ayman really hit a stride and had a total of 9 releases together. It has been such a high energy atmosphere surrounding their sessions and projects. We can’t wait to see what more is in store for them.

TommyBravo hit the map again this year with a few new drops as well as the long awaited Stockholm Syndrome. This track has been years in the making and we want to thank Shah, Elizabeth and their team as well as Waves That Stray for making this project happen.

Furthermore we have expanded our artist development segment and are now actively pursuing talent to help develop their skills and grow their creativity. We are now working with a couple talented singers who are looking to improve their vocal chops and get more comfortable in a studio environment.

The studio itself went through a facelift this year. We pulled the trigger on building the vocal booth and decided on some choice upgrades to improve the environment, workflow and of course the sound.

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