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Over the last few years working with local artist and producing music for people who are going through their first releases, we noticed something. We believe there is some expertise we can share with our artists that we work with on a closer lever. Because of this we have decided to start a record label.

wait, what..?

Opus Magnum Music will be our management and music curation side of the business. Through this arm we can help local artists and clients we work with to reach a wider audience. Our Opus Magnum Music artists will be able to focus on the creative process and leave the administration to us.

This is an exciting step we are taking! We are truly stoked for the road ahead with this side of the business.

Over the years we kept thinking how could we bring our knowledge that we have attained from our collective years in the industry. We wanted to turn it into a helpful tool for the artists we work closely with. Create something that allows the artist to create as freely as they wish while still having access to all the tools necessary to grow their fanbase and reach the widest audience possible. To add to this, have started collaborations with some other local businesses to help with certain aspects of the PR and outreach for the artists.

Artists First type of Record Label

Opus Magnum Logo
Opus Magnum Logo

Since we are creators ourselves we believe in full ownership of rights. Therefore we will ensure that our artists always own their music 100% and don’t sign over ownership of their music. This has been a very important part of our calculations throughout this process.

If you know an unsigned artist that needs assistance or guidance give them our information. Or have them contact us here! We will gladly assess if we are the right fit to help them grow and take the next step in their career.

Also…check out our new curated playlist with music created at Opus Magnum here!

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