Alexandra is active with a new release!

Alexandra is hot again with her new single ALLTING VACKERT!

The song was produced, mixed and mastered by us.

Alexandra is growing into her own as an artist. At only 16 years old she explores themes and emotions in her songs with a poetry of someone much older.

This new single explores love and the tenderness in life. A emotionally loaded song with well crafted lyrics. The melody amplifies this message and touches the listener.

Make sure to give it a listen here!

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Cover art for Mörkblå by Alexandra Askerlund

This has been a big week for all of us here at Opus Magnum. We are glad to announce some awesome news!

Yesterday Alexandra Askerlund released her debut single MÖRKBLÅ. This track has been a while in the making and we are so excited for her. Alexandra is a star in the making and it is so fun to be working with such a talented young artist. Her enthusiasm and hustle is admirable. Alexandra is greatly inspired by Veronica Maggio who she often references during studio sessions as a huge influence on her sound.

Mörkblå is a very personal track about love. The melancholy energy of the song is perfectly reflected in its name. Mörkblå is both the title and the vibe of this record. Alexandra doesn’t hold back and bares it all in her music. The end result is quality authentic music.

We already have more music coming from this new talent so keep your eyes and ears open for more news!

Stram Mörkblå by Alexandra Askerlund HERE!

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Ayman and TommyBravo walking to the studio on the MOONTALK cover.

FLOODSEASON is back and we are kicking things off with a smash from Ayman called MOONTALK. This track is one that some of y’all might remember from when we wrote it. Ayman spent several hours live-streaming from the studio writing this track. It is a deep journey through the lamentations of the mind. Almost therapeutic in a way.

The track drops Friday 7 October! Pre-Save the song on Spotify with this link

We have had a good summer break and feel energetic heading into this fall and the rest of FLOODSEASON II! The stuff we are getting ready to drop are straight vibes and we can’t wait to share it with y’all. At the end of this season we have a surprise waiting for you. At the end of this FLOODSEASON we will be dropping something a little extra so stay tuned to find out more.

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the history of flood season

Last year we had a summer/fall full of drops from Ayman, Siggy Jackson and TommyBravo that we called Flood Season. It was the collective name of all the tracks and projects that we dropped last year.

Well now it is the beginning of June, and Flood Season 2 is fast approaching. And man, do we have a lot of heavy drops coming up this season. Strap in and get ready for the best time of the year.

This season brings several singles from Ayman, collaborations between him and TommyBravo and Siggy Jackson behind the wheel producing all the beats. We are also featuring a few new artists this season. Stay tuned to find some new flavour layered in.

This season will also last longer with more releases from the artists we are working closely with.

Mixer table

the build up

We have spent all winter in the bunker working on new material that we are excited to share with y’all. The sounds will range from the hard and heavy to the more sentimental and ambient. These tracks are some of the deepest we have made yet and hope you all share in the dissection of the tracks with us. We have branched out to more collaborations and are working with artists from locally here in Örebro to international talent from South America. This year we have spent more time ensuring that we stay true to the vision we are creating and not following the general noise around us. There needs to be some form of self control or integrity where you know what it is you want to say and what you want to do. It’s just a matter of staying true to that vision.

We have also tried to be more engaged socially with livestreams on TikTok and the like to share more moments from the studio than just the finished products. Make sure to check out the links at the bottom and follow Ayman on TikTok to find these livestreams and glimpses into our daily work. We have some more surprises in this avenue coming your way shortly.

strap in…

Flood Season 2 kicks off with a brutal drop from Ayman called SAVAGE. This track’s drums slam and the distorted delivery from Ayman fills out the ruggedness of this record. Slamming his flag in the ground Ayman proclaims he is here to stay and the game needs to make room. It is a heavy track with plenty of symbolism and depth we can’t wait to share with you. Honestly, it might be the hardest release of the season here to kick it off. But this years Flood Season only gets better from here.

Gotta set the bar high right?

In the meantime you can listen through the entire Flood Season in order HERE!

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This track comes from the wee small hours of the morning when you are alone with your thoughts. Or maybe your thoughts alone with you..

You know.. those intrusive thoughts that don’t seem to take a hint. The ones you try and shove to the side but they never really go away. If you don’t recognize yourself in this, don’t worry, Ayman & TommyBravo will give you some help.

Listen here

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Check out the newest release by Ayman & TommyBravo!

This track has more of a classical hip-hop vibe to it. Ayman and TommyBravo wrote this track over one session a late evening early this spring. They both captured the energy right away and found a way to channel their irritations into a form of numb pride and solemn celebration.

Listen to it on your favorite streaming platform here

Have a great weekend!

Ayman and TommyBravo are joining forces to tell a story about perspective.

Sometimes we feel left out because of our aspirations and way of looking at things. In this song Ayman & TommyBravo ventilate about the momentary ostracization they feel from society at times. It is a song with energy behind the bars delivered through interesting flows.

The track is produced and mixed by Siggy Jackson and recorded right here at Opus Magnum.

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