Mörkblå – Alexandra Askerlund

Cover art for Mörkblå by Alexandra Askerlund

This has been a big week for all of us here at Opus Magnum. We are glad to announce some awesome news!

Yesterday Alexandra Askerlund released her debut single MÖRKBLÅ. This track has been a while in the making and we are so excited for her. Alexandra is a star in the making and it is so fun to be working with such a talented young artist. Her enthusiasm and hustle is admirable. Alexandra is greatly inspired by Veronica Maggio who she often references during studio sessions as a huge influence on her sound.

Mörkblå is a very personal track about love. The melancholy energy of the song is perfectly reflected in its name. Mörkblå is both the title and the vibe of this record. Alexandra doesn’t hold back and bares it all in her music. The end result is quality authentic music.

We already have more music coming from this new talent so keep your eyes and ears open for more news!

Stram Mörkblå by Alexandra Askerlund HERE!

Make sure to follow Alexandra on instagram for updates as well!


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