On Friday we finally get some new music from Ayman. This track, called Blå, is a commentary on the ongoing street-gang violence occurring in Sweden. Lately things have reached an untenable level of violence with bombings and shooting a near everyday occurrence.

Music inspired by the tragic stories of people behind the headlines.

Because of the frequency of the violence as of late, it’s easy to forget the stories in the paper are about actual people in our society. Neighbours, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, relatives. This song personifies this into the story of a young man growing up in the wrong neighbourhood. It is a story that is all too relatable for too many people today. A story that happens so often it’s easy to become numb to it.

Our culture is used to perpetuate violence and spread gang-related imagery. This is something all of us here at Opus Magnum disagree with. We see the discussion in society that ties our beloved hip.hop culture to this violence and it’s dive deeper into the bond between gang-violence and hip-hop in a special post here.

The Record

We recorded Blå at Opus Magnum Studio back in late ’21. It has gone through several renditions before the final version was cut and completed during late spring ’23. Ayman projects powerful themes over a heavy, trap-inspired beat by Siggy Jackson meant to create a wistful ambiance to fit the story’s content. The hook has a tendency of sticking to your brain and is almost impossible to not want to sing along.

Make sure to check it out on Friday!

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Siggy Jackson

Opus Magnum Studio

Stay tuned for more music in the next few weeks!

Violence in Swedish Hip-Hop culture has become a plague as of late. As some of you may know, Ayman, Siggy & TommyBravo make a point of keeping “gang” content out of their lyrics. The downward spiral that the Swedish Hip-Hop scene has been on over the last 7-8 years in regards to introducing more and more gang-ties into the music is now at a tipping-point level. This has caused a maelstorm in Swedish society. Street-thugs and violence makers have taken to the airwaves for propaganda and money-laundering purposes. Outside of lives lost and dreams cut short, this violent portrayal of society has become a badge of honor amongst hijackers and bad actors. One-upping each other in a dangerous game of chicken. 

Hip-Hop is about expression. It has always been voice for the underbelly of society, the held back, the marginalised and exploited. A way to comment on the world around us. But lately, that voice has been hijacked by people who want to use Hip-Hop’s expressive power to legitimise their violence. 

Violent themes

Violence in hip-hop showed up early in the genres existence. Hip-Hop has been chastised for its’ violent content since before I was born. Most of the time its’ merely been a scapegoat for systemic ills that predate the genres birth. Today, however, feels different. Today feels reactionary. Almost self-perpetuating. At some point, us as fans and participators in Hip-Hop’s culture need to turn our cheek to the destructive nature this powerful combination can have on the influence of our culture. 

The sad reality is kids under 15 years old are being gunned down because they have been tempted by a lifestyle that is VERY OFTEN promoted through Swedish Hip-Hop. Gangs flashing weapons, money and drugs are almost a staple of a Swedish Hip-Hop video at the moment. And since the music is cool, the imagery becomes cool, and eventually, the lifestyle becomes cool. As adults we can easier draw the line between portrayal and promotion. As a youngblood it’s harder to see that distinction. 

Responsibility for the violence?

“’til they throw on a rap record and they sit and they vibe” – Eminem, Sing for the Moment

I firmly remember evenings living this exact line. Sitting in my room as a 12-13 year old mainlining Hip-Hop. The rhythms, the energy, the rebellion, the vibe. It all influenced me. It gave me a place for release and escape and helped shape who I am today. 

We cannot deny the powerful influence all music has on people. And we cannot deny the influence Hip-Hop has on the youth. So why all the toxicity? Why all the destructive content? The more of this we promote internally in the culture, the more we project out into society. It has to start and end with us. 

We as creators in this culture have a duty to ourselves and each other to wield this power responsibly. If we choose negativity to be our influence, we will have a negative outcome. 

Just some thoughts on a Sunday.


  • Show at Björnes
  • Bachelorette party
  • Studio vibes

The best time of the year is upon us! Finally it is spring in Sweden and we are excited for longer days, more energy, and summer around the corner! Here is an update from us about what we have been up to these last few months.

Over the winter we have had plenty of active projects. Siggy Jackson, TommyBravo and Ayman hosted several hip-hop evenings at Björnes in Örebro. At Club Underground the trio provided a hyped atmosphere full of energy and vibes. Rumors claim there might be more of these evenings this fall. Who knows? Check out some of the pictures above.

At the studio we have also been continuing the development of Alexandra, the young local talent starting to make a name for herself in Örebro. She has a new track that will be hitting the streaming services early this summer. There might be even more coming later this year from this talented singer. Stay tuned for more information and news.

Siggy Jackson and the crew have a bunch of new music dropping this summer, yet again. After working hard all winter together with Ayman and TommyBravo, they are excited to bring some more music your way. Another summer full of hot tunes is coming so stay posted for more information and updates regarding these drops.

As a studio we have also expanded our services providing a fun activity for bachelor/bachelorette parties. We have had several surprised brides- and grooms-to-be enjoy recording a love song for their receptions. Opus Magnum can provide a fun environment for your party to experience the process of recording a song in a studio environment and walking away with a finished product.

We will be hosting several more Cypher Evenings this summer. These are still open for registration. So come by the studio and show off your skills! Keep posted for dates and registration.

More information on coming drops and activities will be posted shortly. Until then, stay right! And as always, drop us a line if you wanna discuss any projects!


Opus Magnum Studio

Opus Magnum Studio Halloween!
Halloween Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

We have had a busy October in the studio with a release from both Ayman and Alexandra! It is nice to finally let these projects see the light and get some feedback from y’all. Alexandra is so excited for all the kind words about her debut single. Stay tuned for more music from this young talent. She has several things cooking.

The last couple weeks we have stayed focused on the releases while still managing to get some creative sessions in and work on some new stuff. Ayman, Siggy Jackson and TommyBravo are locked-in at the studio working on the final touches of Flood Season and some new exciting sounds.

We are switching gears a bit heading into the winter and will be finishing up Flood Season in December with a special release for you. Some new opportunities have presented themselves and we have to adjust our schedule a little bit. More information is to come but we still have tons of music coming your way…. plus other goodies.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the Opus Magnum playlist on Spotify and listen to some good tunes!

New release

What a summer it has been! Packed full of slaps from the Opus Magnum Music crew. FEELINGS was such a bop and we are elated at the response from you guys after the release. It really is a vibe and we’re excited you are feeling it with us.

Floodseason II – next release

As we head in to the fall we just wanted to touch base and let everyone know that we are far from over with the second iteration of Flood Season. There is plenty more to come. We have some really cool songs coming up that we have been working on for a while and can’t wait to finally release out into the world.

Coming up shortly we have a long awaited Ayman track dropping. This release has been teased and worked on for a while and we are finally ready to share it with y’all. It’s called MOONTALK and drops on Oct. 7. This song was largely recorded while on TikTok Live and you superfans will remember when we were writing this song last fall. This is a release we are really excited for you guys to finally hear.

Summer 2022

This summer we have spent the time blowing off some steam outside of the studio. Gathering inspiration and enjoying time with our friends and family. Andreas welcomed a new addition to the family, Loi was born a healthy 2975 grams. We are so happy for them all! Alex has had some family visiting from out of town. Other than that we have mostly been chopping it up with Ayman and TommyBravo most of the summer just discussing music and enjoying some new music and new inspirations. Among these have been some deep dives into old blues and some of the earliest stuff recorded. It has been an interesting walk through history.

We have been working with some new talent in the studio. This young artist is gearing up for her first solo release of original music. She is a singer/songwriter who leans into the current pop vibe going on in Sweden. She is already very active on the troubadour scene with several shows this summer. You can check out her instagram here. Keep your eyes glued for more information on her.

It has been a wonderful start of the summer here in Sweden. This is such a lovely time of the year. As long as the sun stays out.

It was such a great release of Icig! We had such wonderful responses from y’all about that track! It also seemed like a lot of you enjoyed the bonus track on that release! 🤘 keep posted for more surprises like that.

We are taking full advantage of the times and having a cookout outside the studio on Saturday 23/7. This is a great time to come by and check out the facilities, see what we are all about and get a feel for the studio and us as a group. We will be offering cheeseburgers and hot-dogs as well as sodas to drink.

Later that evening we will also host a Cypher where you can come drop some bars and flex your chops.

We hope you come by and check it out!

Next up on the release docket is a smash from Ayman & TommyBravo called Feelings. This track is something special and we are SUPER excited to release this one. Ayman really pushes his range in this track in a fantastic way. TommyBravo definitely puts the icing on the cake. The soul in the production on this is something Siggy is very proud of. This is absolutely something special. It features a smooth vocal based production with sultry percussions.

Flood Season is in full swing for sure! We will be releasing some merchandise soon that we can finally start selling. Keep an eye out for when they are available and you can start rocking the Opus Magnum Logo or even a FLOODSEASON T-shirt.

We are finally taking some time off in the sun and gonna spend the next few weeks of summer resting up and getting back in the zone to start eyeing our next docket of music. But our releases will most definitely continue with another drop in a few days. And another after that, lol.

Make sure to follow us on instagram and meta and stay tuned for updates and new music!

Finally we are excited to announce that STOCKHOLM SYNDROME is dropping on Aug. 27th.

This track is produced by Siggy Jackson and recorded with SHAH, WAVES THAT STRAY and TOMMYBRAVO during the 2019 Live@Heart festival in Örebro.

We met them during their live performances and all hit the studio together leaving us with this gem.

We hope you bang it as much as we do! 🙂

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We are starting up our cypher evenings again for this fall. They will now be set on Saturday nights. We create a 3 hour long mix of beats from talented producers for rappers to showcase their bars and rhyming skills.

If there are any specific beats you would like to be included when you show up make sure to email them to us at info@opusmagnum.se

Come kick it and drop some bars!

To sign up send us an email!