After a long and pleasant summer here is a little update about what is going on, and what we have been up to
In early September, Opus Magnum, as the first local company to date, got to participate in Live at Heart’s conference to give a short presentation of our dreams and visions.Which suited well because it was the 10th anniversary of Live at heart.

So we would like to send a big thank you to Peter Åstedt for giving us this opportunity. Our appearance there has given us lots of new contacts from all over the world and also some new projects to work with, some are already completed and some are in progress. We will try to share these with you as soon as possible.

This past week we have been working on an exciting project with Mats Fors at Millistream, and this has turned out really well. Hopefully we will work more together in the future. We still have a continuous work with several of the local artists, and there are more things that will follow from this cooperation.
Opus Magnum is also preparing to move to a new location during lat 2019/early 2020. it feels absolutely fantastic that from this autumn we will have our very own place to work in. We hope to bring you more information about our work in the next few weeks to come.

Take care //A&A at Opus Magnum.


This past weekend Opus Magnum participated in the local industry festival Live At Heart. We got a chance to discuss our vision and business model during a panel and spent the weekend meeting artists from all over the world.


Late on Saturday inspiration struck us together with Shah and Waves That Stray

It was an awesome weekend and fantastic studio session with really talented acts from Canada/USA. We all caught the vibe right away and got busy.

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Opus Magnum have been invited to hold a short seminar at the Örebro festival Live @ Heart. We are going to talk about our studio concept and business model. It is a great opportunity for people to find out more about Opus Magnum and what we can do to help your next musical project or creative venture!

Make sure to come check us out if you are attending the event!

More Information


Opus Tribune

This week we had newspaper Örebro Tribune come visit us for a follow-up interview. We spoke about where we are at a year later and what our vision is as a studio.


You can check out more pictures and read the interview HERE! (Link in Swedish)

Tommy Bravo Rapping

A week from today Kontrast EP is released. The response we have received from close friends has been extremely positive so we cannot wait for everyone to hear it.

In other news we had a session with DJ Jim on a new single this week. Recorded some vocals and planned for the mixing ahead. This single is going to be a banger…for real!


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All of May Opus Magnum has been hard at work putting together the debut EP for Tommy Bravo.

Kontrast EP is a soul-searching journey tackling issues from the daily grind to societal cracks. Tommy Bravo delivers deep rhymes with a heavy voice and quick schemes. The production on the EP is all in house Opus Magnum production and mainly features sample-flipping and lo-fi guitar.

Release date is early July!

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Over the weekend we recorded vocals for a new track for Tommy Bravo’s upcoming EP. Long hours but very productive (and a little messy) 😛


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We finished up the demos this week and are gonna send them to Sister this weekend. This has been a great learning experience for mixing. Although I used to play a lot of metal guitar back in the day I have not mixed a whole lot of metal but I am quite satisfied with the outcome of these tracks! Hopefully we are all blessed with another Sister release…




Today we recorded a couple demos for metal band SISTER. It was a great experience and we had a lot of fun in the studio. They have a great sound and it was a joy for us to help with the new tracks for these talanted musicians.

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Sister Official Webpage


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