New Music: Blå – Ayman & Siggy Jackson

Cover Blå - Ayman & Siggy Jackson

On Friday we finally get some new music from Ayman. This track, called Blå, is a commentary on the ongoing street-gang violence occurring in Sweden. Lately things have reached an untenable level of violence with bombings and shooting a near everyday occurrence.

Music inspired by the tragic stories of people behind the headlines.

Because of the frequency of the violence as of late, it’s easy to forget the stories in the paper are about actual people in our society. Neighbours, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, relatives. This song personifies this into the story of a young man growing up in the wrong neighbourhood. It is a story that is all too relatable for too many people today. A story that happens so often it’s easy to become numb to it.

Our culture is used to perpetuate violence and spread gang-related imagery. This is something all of us here at Opus Magnum disagree with. We see the discussion in society that ties our beloved hip.hop culture to this violence and it’s dive deeper into the bond between gang-violence and hip-hop in a special post here.

The Record

We recorded Blå at Opus Magnum Studio back in late ’21. It has gone through several renditions before the final version was cut and completed during late spring ’23. Ayman projects powerful themes over a heavy, trap-inspired beat by Siggy Jackson meant to create a wistful ambiance to fit the story’s content. The hook has a tendency of sticking to your brain and is almost impossible to not want to sing along.

Make sure to check it out on Friday!

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Stay tuned for more music in the next few weeks!

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