Vilket år!

Vi har varit flitiga i år. Det var första fulla året på plats i vår nya lokal och den har vuxit på oss ordentligt. Vi tycker verkligen vi har lyckats med att fixa en skön stämning i studion och många klienter påpekar det när de kliver in i studion.

Under året som gått så har vi vuxit vårt nätverk och jobbat med artister från hela landet. Från gospel körer till orten rap och akustisk sång till RnB så har vi varit aktiva i många olika genrer. Vi tycker det är jättekul att bredda horisonten och jobba med lite nya stilar.

Det har varit många sena kvällar och stressade veckor för att få ihop projekten med våra andra scheman och en satans pandemi i vägen. Men bra har det gått och vi känner oss nöjda med året utifrån ett studioperspektiv.

Några av de artisterna som vi jobbat mycket med under året har varit Örebros egna Johan Bylin som varit väldigt aktiv under andra halvan av året med olika släpp och projekt i pipan. Vi har också jobbat mycket med andra lokala förmågor inom urban genren och har mycket roligt som vi ser fram emot att dela med er under kommande året.

Håll utkik och tveka inte att ta kontakt med oss om ni har frågor eller funderingar kring något projekt.

Alex och Andreas vill tacka alla som vi jobbat med under året och önska er alla en bättre 2021! Glöm inte att hålla distans och tvätta händerna.

Sist men inte minst: FUCK COVID!



What a year!

We have been really busy this year. It was our first full year working from our new studio space and it has really grown on us. We really enjoy the atmosphere we have created in the studio and many clients bring this up when they walk through our doors.

During this past year we have grown our network a lot and worked with artists from all over Sweden. From gospel choirs to ghetto rap and acoustic song to RnB we have been very active in many genres. We really enjoy the broad horizon of styles we have worked with over this last year.

There has been many a late night and stressed weeks trying to finish up projects while maintaining our schedules and a damn pandemic throwing a bowling ball into the mix. But all in all it has gone great and we are very satisfied with the year that has passed (studio-wise).

Some of the artists we have worked with this year include Örebro’s own Johan Bylin who has been very active under the last half of 2020 with different releases and upcoming projects. We have also worked with other local talents in more urban genres and have a lot of cool stuff we are looking forward to sharing with you in the coming year.

Stay tuned and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or thoughts regarding your project.

Alex and Andreas want to thank everyone we have worked with this year and wish you all a much more positive 2021! Don’t forget to wash your hands and keep distance.

Last but not least: FUCK COVID!

Happy new year!

We had a great cypher saturday this weekend with an awesome mix of new beats from some of our favorite producers. It was a blast and we all had a great time!

We also finished up a project with Johan Bylin for his upcoming single. We are super excited for you all to hear this one! This guy has been working hard over the last few months putting the finishing touches on his new material.

The next track he is releasing, Say Hello, was recorded and mixed with us here at Opus. Make sure to follow him on spotify!

Here is a link to his new track! It drops one week from today, 25 Nov.

As always, make sure to follow us on social media! Let us know if you have any projects you want to work on!

Taking a nice week off to vote and visit some family! Can’t wait to be back in the studio next week working on more projects!

Drop us a line if you have any projects in the works or ideas you want to realize! We are always looking to help artists and creatives.

We are starting up our cypher evenings again for this fall. They will now be set on Saturday nights. We create a 3 hour long mix of beats from talented producers for rappers to showcase their bars and rhyming skills.

If there are any specific beats you would like to be included when you show up make sure to email them to us at

Come kick it and drop some bars!

To sign up send us an email!

Hey yall!

Just wanted to pop in and share some pictures from what we have been up to this week in the studio.

Contact us if you are interested in starting your next musical project!

Everyone have a great weekend!

It has been a very busy summer at Opus Magnum.

We have been working with several new clients ranging in everything from hip-hop to gospel. We are super excited for all the projects we have started.

Speaking of, an artist we have been working with released his debut single Friday. You can check it out here!

Moreover we had a Siggy Jackson release! Make sure you give Yeayeayea a listen as well!

This last week we have been working on some updates and changes to the studio itself. Always working to improve the relaxed and inspiring vibe.

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Mystery artist

Vi håller på och mixar och spelar in två låtar från en lokal artist här i Örebro som skriver väldigt härlig musik.

Artisten har bett om att få vara namnlös än så länge 😛 men ni får veta vem det är så snart släpp datum är satta!

Hoppas alla har en fin sommar och njuter av sin ledighet och det lilla solsken vi får!

It has been a very busy summer for us so far. We are currently working on several projects we are super excited about.

We are in the process of recording and mixing a couple songs for a local singer/songwriter with a really nice sound. We are really excited for you to hear the music.

We are also working with a couple new rappers here in Örebro. Once we have a release date for some of the music we will share more details with you.

Enjoy the sun and stay safe!

We are gearing up for another Cypher evening and freestyle night at the studio this weekend. Last time was a huge success and we are excited for this next time around! Check out our facebook page for more info!

If you enjoy rapping and have some bars you want to try out come by and vibe!