Opus Magnum Studio Halloween!

Opus Magnum Studio Halloween!
Halloween Pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

We have had a busy October in the studio with a release from both Ayman and Alexandra! It is nice to finally let these projects see the light and get some feedback from y’all. Alexandra is so excited for all the kind words about her debut single. Stay tuned for more music from this young talent. She has several things cooking.

The last couple weeks we have stayed focused on the releases while still managing to get some creative sessions in and work on some new stuff. Ayman, Siggy Jackson and TommyBravo are locked-in at the studio working on the final touches of Flood Season and some new exciting sounds.

We are switching gears a bit heading into the winter and will be finishing up Flood Season in December with a special release for you. Some new opportunities have presented themselves and we have to adjust our schedule a little bit. More information is to come but we still have tons of music coming your way…. plus other goodies.

In the meantime, make sure to check out the Opus Magnum playlist on Spotify and listen to some good tunes!

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